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Dr. Otto von Habsburg about Putin – Bregenz 2003

Source: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this point I would like to discuss a political theme, which is critical in my opinion, namely: how can we protect this security? It is true, it is quite clear, that the further the borders of freedom are pushed towards the East, the greater is the security of the Middle and the West. In other words there is a correlation in the security and this security has to be...

Sir Alfred J. Ayer’s near-death experience from Aion – 24 by Edward Edinger

So, starting with number one, the postscript to the spacetime quaternio. You remember in the assignment for last week Jung spoke about the spacetime quaternio in 2 different ways. In the one way the 3 dimensions of space would make up 3 of the categories and time would be 4th category.In the other way of looking at it is that time has 3 aspects: past, present and future; and the 4th entity that...

Aion – Class 3 by Edward Edinger

This is class number 3 and our assignment tonight is paragraphs 20 to 42, the chapter entitled "The Syzygy". Last time you remember we discussed the Ego and we had left over the short chapter on the Shadow, so I'm gonna start with that this evening.

Aion – Class 1 by Edward Edinger

Introductory remarks concerning how to read Jung's later works and about the title Aion. The title is more complicated then it looks and we'll go into that matter.

Apocalypse Archetype – Class 10 by Edward Edinger

Table of Contents Introduction The image of New Jerusalem What it means for modern people to be living in an apocalyptic age Final remarks Introduction This is class number 10 on the apocalypse archetype, our final session, and the assigned material is chapters 21 and 22. The image of New Jerusalem As you noticed if you read it, the Book of Revelation ends in a grand finale, with a grand mandala...

Sum it up for me

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