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Dr. Otto von Habsburg about Putin – Bregenz 2003

Source: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this point I would like to discuss a political theme, which is critical in my opinion, namely: how can we protect this security? It is true, it is quite clear, that the further the borders of freedom are pushed towards the East, the greater is the security of the Middle and the West. In other words there is a correlation in the security and this security has to be...

The Dirty Little Secret of Strategy — Open Lecture by Stephan Schubert

Source: The Dirty Little Secret of Strategy — Open Lecture Introduction I’ve always learned and been teaching that strategy is about being different, bringing a different look to something. So what about bringing a different look or having a different look at strategy. What about trying to peel away the different layers of mystique in order to understand how is strategy really made...

Sum it up for me

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